You can see and buy the paintings of Marie-Alix Ravel on the website of the art gallery of Los Angeles, Artla at:

While teaching drawing and yoga to children, Marie-Alix Ravel has started to paint. She exhibited her works at numerous galleries in Montreal from 2002 to 2008.

The move of Marie-Alix to Los Angeles led her to stop painting for a while to devote herself to writing. Now that her book ‘Marie-Antoinette’s Present’ has been published both in France and in the US, she has more time to concentrate on her art again.

Her training in psychotherapy and web design and her practice of yoga and meditation give her paintings a particular three-dimensional style: material, human and spiritual, where the human being is the link between the material world and the mind.

Marie-Alix works in two very different styles with two different materials: encaustic (bee wax) and oil.

With encaustic, Marie-Alix emphasizes figurative art, while giving it an abstract style. Her work is based on the human body and especially yoga postures that are softened. Yoga allows the union of mind, body and soul, leading to self-realization. This is consistent with the idea that Marie-Alix has about art and gives her paintings a powerful message of peace and harmony.

Marie-Alix applies cold bee-wax with her fingers and works directly on the canvas. This technique gives her paintings an earthy texture that looks like iron in a way. These bodies seem, indeed, to emerge from the earth to rise to heaven, like the phoenix rising from its ashes.

With oil, Marie-Alix works first her intuition on the computer by creating her painting in Photoshop. Then she draws and applies oil painting on her canvas. Marie-Alix always finishes her paintings with her fingers, because for this artist, the touch is important: it is the relationship between intuition and matter, heaven and earth.

The organic and figurative art that Marie-Alix favors allows everyone to experience the awakening of the self. The art is turned to organic and rounded shapes and colors that are chosen digitally and intuitively, as they are, for her, a reflection of peace, kindness and unity. Figurative art is a reflection of her genuine concern for the human being and its evolution. Marie-Alix likes the complement of the two, because she finds in them the man and the woman, in all their diversity and in all their beauty.

Small round windows, blue and gold, which are found in each of the oil paintings of Marie-Alix, are guidelines for those who take time to observe them. They are always represented in numbers, because they can be connected to numerology. This science of numbers has been associated with self-knowledge since the writing exists. It is the tool that allows human beings to find their place between mind and matter, thanks to the universe of messages that numbers convey with them. For Marie-Alix Ravel, these numbers are the golden bridge between the paintings she creates and psychotherapy sessions she gives.


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